We’re in the business of pairing good food with good coffee and we take the same pride in our coffee as our food. That’s why we don’t try and maintain the exact same coffee flavour throughout the year. Coffee is a seasonal product and we get it when it’s at its best. So next time you come in you'll discover another flavour.

Barista tamping espresso

Intriguing flavours from across the world

Whatever we get excited about is what we bring to you.
We source from over a dozen countries including India, Ethiopia, Uganda, Brazil, and Peru. Colombian coffee is in season at a certain time of year and we might serve a particular Colombian coffee for a few weeks. Then we change. Three months later it might be coffee from Ethiopia. It’s all about what’s good at the moment, just like our food.

Barista tamping espresso

Carefully chosen, perfectly brewed

We don’t try and make the Mokoko experience static and fixed. We let the experience evolve to incorporate the best of what nature provides. And we keep it simple.

Our baristas know their stuff, by the way. They have a mastery of brewing good coffee, and this is something you can taste and smell. Just like our food.

Baker preparing Croissants


Right from the start all our cups and lids were compostable – made from plants with no plastics. You can buy reusable cups from us, or bring your own mug. We do our best but we can always do better. We continually look for ways to be more sustainable.

Eating outside at our Bristol Bakery and Coffee shop

Mokoko coffee & bakery

Our locations

You’ll find our bakeries across Bristol and Bath and even over in Portishead. Each location has a different vibe, but every one has the same warm bakes fresh out of the oven and aromatic, beautifully brewed coffee.

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