Mokoko is a local bakery, but you’re welcome to sit here and eat, surrounded by the aroma of fresh baking. And you’re welcome to walk back home carrying an oven-fresh something that we made that same day.

Bakers preparing Croissants

A fresh approach

The menu is always changing, although we keep our core favourites. What you see on the counter is what’s on sale. We make and bake all our food on site, each and every day, in front of your eyes. When it’s ready we take the tray from the oven and put it on the counter (watch out, it’s hot). The alternative is making it all in a soulless central warehouse and distributing by van. But that’s just not as good.

Freshly prepared sandwiches being wrapped by chef

Through the day

We bake throughout the day so it’s always fresh. In the morning you’ll find warm bread and pastries. At lunch we introduce wonderful focaccias and sandwiches. In the afternoon cake and cookies are on sale.

Freshly baked pizza being sliced

Through the year

Our menu evolves through the year depending on what’s good at the time. What nature provides, we make use of. Spring brings rhubarb and purple sprouting broccoli, summer sees soft berries like strawberries and raspberries, autumn and winter introduce squash, artichokes, apples and more. So when damson plums are in season, that’s what goes into our fruit Danish.

Soughdough in proving baskets

How good can a sourdough be?

Flavour and texture are the product of time. This is something you can’t cheat. That’s why our sourdough has that tang, huge crunchy crust and that lovely chew. Making our sourdough is a two day process. There’s no yeast, the bread is 100% fuelled by the starter. Our bakers go back and forth hand shaping it before it receives its final prove. Once it’s baked, the true magic is visible, tangible and tasteable. It’s hard to stop eating it. This is proper bread done right.

Eating outside at our Bristol Bakery and Coffee shop

Mokoko coffee & bakery

Our locations

You’ll find our bakeries across Bristol and Bath and even over in Portishead. Each location has a different vibe, but every one has the same warm bakes fresh out of the oven and aromatic, beautifully brewed coffee.

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